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Tracking solutions

Live Fleet Tracking

The live map displays the locations of all of your vehicles. Fleet Witness Live updates every few seconds so you’ll always know where your vehicles are at anytime. Icons and columns can be customised, showing you the most relevant information. The user interface is cleanly designed and gives you the ability to adjust the layout to suit your preference.


Within Fleet Witness Live you have the ability to plot your own virtual geographic boundaries.

Track movement in and out of these locations and run reports detailing time of arrival, time spent within the area, time of departure and more.

Email alerts can be sent when vehicles enter, or leave your custom areas. Examples could include ULEZ, the Congestion Zone or customer sites.

All Our Products

F.O.R.S Compliant Packages

Expect a thorough and professional installation.

CMS V6 Video surveillance platform

Real-Time Camera Feeds

Cameras & Monitors

A bespoke training package will be delivered.

Tracking solutions

Live Fleet Tracking

Mobile Digital Recording

We are able to develop innovative tech solutions.

Ultrasonic Detection

Our goal is to protect you and your vehicles.

Audible Warning

Audible warnings are common on all vehicles.


A tailored MDVR to our own specifications. 

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