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Quality and usability are at the core of our business model. Browse our extensive range of products to cater for all fleet business requirements.

Audible Warning

Audible warnings are common on all vehicles.

CMS V6 Video surveillance platform

Real-Time Camera Feeds

Cameras and Monitors

Simple to use and equipped with user-friendly software.

F.O.R.S Compliant Vehicle Safety

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

Mobile Digital Recording

Improve driver behaviour to reduce risk and fuel costs.


Fleet Witness have designed a tailored MDVR to our own specifications.

Tracking solutions

Live Fleet Tracking

Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection

Inform your driver of obstacles within close proximity

Download our catalogue 

If you would like any more info on any of our products or services, please feel free to download our catalogue below.

This has all the information you need from the product dimensions to the service's that we provide. Download using the button below.

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