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Fleet Witness have designed a tailored MDVR to our own specifications.

Clients who require offline MDVR systems benefit from 30 days free CMSV6 access. This will help you to upsell to the connected solution. Settings fine tuning can also be made within the first 30 days remotely.

For fleets that require less video storage the SD version of our MDVR system is ideal. The MDVR is very robust and incredibly compact and yet has the same features as the SSD version.

Fleetwitness will include a data sim with free access to CMS V6 video surveillance platform for 30 days, aiding install for remote settings changes and giving you the opportunity to upsell to a connected solution. Tracking solutions and Fleet Safety equipment will also provide you with the portfolio for all solutions.

From camera and video recording health check subscriptions to remote event video download, your non-connected clients have the option to add service agreements to support their requirements. Non-connected service subscriptions are on a minimum term of 12 months.

  • Camera and recording health check – for clients with offline MDVR systems we remotely check monthly to make sure the cameras and SSD/SD are recording correctly

  • Video download service – offline clients benefit from requesting an event video.

  • Connect up to eight 1080P cameras

  • Maximum 2TB SSD Storage

  • SD slot for backup or event storage

  • HDMI and Analogue video output

  • 1080P AHD on all channels

  • Tamper proof design

  • 4G connectivity

  • GPS Tracking

  • 3 trigger inputs

  • 3 axis G-force sensor

  • Compact design

  • Auto camera resolution setup

  • Auto PAL/NTSC selection

  • Remote MDVR recording and camera health checks

All Our Products

F.O.R.S Compliant Packages

Expect a thorough and professional installation.

CMS V6 Video surveillance platform

Real-Time Camera Feeds

Cameras & Monitors

A bespoke training package will be delivered.

Tracking solutions

Live Fleet Tracking

Mobile Digital Recording

We are able to develop innovative tech solutions.

Ultrasonic Detection

Our goal is to protect you and your vehicles.

Audible Warning

Audible warnings are common on all vehicles.


A tailored MDVR to our own specifications. 

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