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Repair & Service Options

Our goal is to protect your vehicles, drivers and assets from damage, theft and serious incidents. Our ultimate aim is to protect life and if your ARK FleeTech products are not working correctly then we have not done our job.

A personal service is offered by technicians who are familiar with your fleet and business, and we will work with you to keep your installations in excellent condition and fully compliant with safety regulations.

We are dedicated to helping you keep your products in excellent condition, and should things go wrong we are always on hand to get things working again.

Out of Hours

ARK provide flexible repair appointments to work around your fleet operating schedules. We understand that vehicles need to stay operational and our team of engineers are some of the most committed in the industry.

On Site Warranty

We provide a free on-site warranty for a minimum of 1 year for all customers. This covers an engineers visit to swap out any faulty parts, barring damaged or misused parts. We can also train your VMU’s or local service providers to carry out the repair service to further help with costs down the line and for out of warranty items.

Annual Servicing

ARK FleeTech Ltd offer a site audit on existing equipment, even if we haven’t supplied it, then present a report with repair quote to bring your vehicles back to optimum safety and re-establish the reason for investing in the products in the first place.

All Our Services


Expect a thorough and professional installation.


A bespoke training package will be delivered.


Our goal is to protect you and your vehicles.

Product Development

We are able to develop innovative tech solutions.

Direct Vision Standard

Direct Vision Standard and HGV Safety Permit

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