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CMS V6 Video surveillance platform

Real-Time Camera Feeds

The video surveillance platform CMS V6 is a fantastic option if you are tied into an existing telematics provider but you want live view and remote video download. This platform can be upgrade to the full telematics platform when you are out of your contract with your current provider simply by adding a tracking devise.

Our on-board DVRs allow you to have up to eight cameras connected. You can quickly select and view live video on demand.

From camera and video recording health check subscriptions to remote event video download, non-connected clients have the option to add service agreements to support their requirements. Non-connected service subscriptions are on a minimum term of 12 months.

  • Camera and recording health check – for clients with offline MDVR systems we remotely check monthly to make sure the cameras and SSD/SD are recording correctly

  • Video download service – offline clients benefit from requesting an event video.

Review historical video using either the date and time, or use a point on the map to locate the piece of footage that you need.

With a click of a button, download and save footage for reviewing later. It’s in a friendly format ready to play on any media player without the need to convert it.

Fleetwitness Live video telematics platform

uFleet Witness Live is the most comprehensive Video Telematics platform in the sector.

  • Live and historical asset location

  • Tachodownload and analysis for DVSA compliance

  • Driver ID – audible or immobilizer for detailed driver reports

  • Video event alerts to ensure the safety of the driver and to reduce insurance claims costs

  • Live view enhances fleet control

  • Vehicle checks ensuring and logging safety compliance

  • Job dispatch increasing productivity

  • Geo-fencing and location based customizable alerts

  • Fuel and idle monitoring to reduce fuel costs

  • Detailed reporting

  • Modular design

  • Driver App

All Our Products

F.O.R.S Compliant Packages

Expect a thorough and professional installation.

CMS V6 Video surveillance platform

Real-Time Camera Feeds

Cameras & Monitors

A bespoke training package will be delivered.

Tracking solutions

Live Fleet Tracking

Mobile Digital Recording

We are able to develop innovative tech solutions.

Ultrasonic Detection

Our goal is to protect you and your vehicles.

Audible Warning

Audible warnings are common on all vehicles.


A tailored MDVR to our own specifications. 

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